NAA/NNLA Field Day 2009


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NAA/NNLA Field Day 2009


On July 24th, Maxwell Arboretum served as the host site for the annual NAA/NNLA Field Day. Speakers, demonstrations, exhibitors, and networking all contributed to making the day a great success and gave the arboretum exposure to the arborists and landscapers of the state.



 Opening Remarks and Welcome









Nebraska Arborist Association President
Bruce Hoffman








Nebraska Nursery and Landscape Association President
Kim Todd









 IANR Vice Chancellor
John Owens










Nebraska First Lady and Honorary ReTree Chair
Sally Ganem















Jeff Culbertson
UNL Landscape Services Department
East Campus Manager
gives a tour of Maxwell Arboretum












Kay Kromm
Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture
State Survey Coordinator
demonstrates bark peeling to find
evidence of Emerald Ash Borer




     Jerel Converse and Mike Litke of Terry Hughes Tree Service demonstrate aerial rescue techniques in one of the old arboretum oaks.
Jerel is a Nebraska Certified arborist and a member of the ISA.  He is the only Certified treecare safety Professional (CtsP) in the state of Nebraska
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