Bloom Time Chart

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Bloom Time Chart 2005-2015 (PDF)

Excel Version 2005-2020 (you can download this and sort the fields as you like)

A word about the bloom time chart:

This is a multi-year chart that compares bloom times since 2005; it is ongoing.
The chart uses the standard Arboretum Locations keyed to the Map on this web site. In the future, I hope to link the chart to annual weather reports so that one can see the effect, if any, of spring onset times and temperatures.

I update the chart from field work once a week during the season and will post these updates on this web site as time allows. 

The Bloom Time Chart now includes the average bloom date for each plant based on the past 15 years of data.

The extremely early and late springs of recent years are reflected in the data.

Early Spring 2020 data limited due to COVID-19 campus restrictions.


pulsatillabloomtime.jpg  lilybloomtime.jpg  sunflowerbloomtime.jpg
Late May/Early April