Friends of Maxwell Arboretum

Maxwell Arboretum Heading

Executive Committee:

Ted Hartung, Pres.
Christina Hoyt, Vice Pres.
Irv Omtvedt, Treas.
Emily Levine, Sec'y

At Large:
Ivette Bender
Mark Canney
Justin Evertson
Lois Mayo
Kim Todd
Dan Wheeler
Diane Wilson

IANR Representative:
Ron Yoder

Ex Officio:
Eileen Bergt
Emily Deeker
Jeff Culbertson

Join the Friends of Maxwell Arboretum

The Earl G. Maxwell Arboretum on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's East Campus is a jewel in the crown of Lincoln's green spaces. Honoring the legacy of State Extension Forester Earl Maxwell who began planting trees for evaluation in this location, the Arboretum was formally dedicated on June 8, 1969 following action by the Board of Regents two years earlier. A flagship site of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, its twelve acres provide access to a wide variety of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbaceous perennials, both as single specimens and in genus collections.

Over the years, numerous individuals, academic departments, and civic organizations have worked to ensure that Maxwell Arboretum provides the university community and visitors with an educational as well as an aesthetic experience.

Help ensure Maxwell Arboretum's continued growth in the 21st century by joining the Friends of Maxwell Arboretum (FOMA) in our mission to serve in an advocacy role providing input and financial support for the management and development of Maxwell Arboretum as an educational, research, and outreach resource.

FOMA has rededicated itself to this mission in support of the Arboretum. We believe this is necessary to ensure its long-term viability into the future. We invite you to be a part of this exciting effort by becoming a member of the Friends of Maxwell Arboretum. In so doing, you get the benefit of knowing that you will

  • Preserve one of Nebraska's premier arboretums
  • Keep Maxwell Arboretum's education and research mission vibrant
  • Protect one of Lincoln's best mid-city green spaces
  • Participate in the development of new plans and policies for the Arboretum

The Friends of Maxwell Arboretum (FOMA) recently convened a Study Group of members of the UNL faculty and staff as well as members of the community. Recomendations of the Study Group led to the formation of four Action Teams which will explore Collections, Education, Events, and Development (funding).

Please support our efforts by joining.



The purpose of FOMA is to serve in advocacy role by providing input and financial support for the management and development of the Maxwell Arboretum, located on East Campus of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln as an affiliate site of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. The Friends will advocate for the role of Maxwell Arboretum in education, research and outreach.


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In 2017 FOMA was awarded the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum's President's Citation for their work.
NSA president's citation
NSA president's citation picture
left to right: Eileen Bergt, Landscape Service Asst. Director for Landscape; Jeff Culbertson, Landscape Services Assistant Director for Operations; Ted Hartung, President FOMA; Ron Yoder, Assoc. Vice Chancellor IANR; Emily Levine, Secretary FOMA; Bud Dasenbrock, Vice President