Clematis 'Proteus'

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Latin Name: Clematis 'Proteus'
Common Name: Clematis
Cultivar: 'Proteus'
Family: Ranunculaceae
Vining technique: twining and leaf petiole tendrils

Introduced: 1876, by Charles Noble, Sunnydale, England; a cross between C. viticella 'Grandiflora' and C. viticella 'Fortunei'
Sun/Shade: light shade
Height: to 8'-10' × 24"
Zones: 4-11
Flower: pink-mauve, 6", double, June-July and later summer (later blooms are single)
Seed heads: ornamental

Prune: Clematis Pruning Group 2
Native use: Leaves, roots, bark for rheumatism, childbirth pain, gastro-intestinal issues, skin ulcers, TB, toothaches. (The fruit is toxic.)

Where to find Clematis 'Proteus':
Clematis Proteus location map

Clematis Proteus double  
Clematis 'Proteus', early season double bloom

Clematis Proteus single
Clematis 'Proteus', late season single bloom


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