Schisandra chinensis Magnolia Vine

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Latin Name: Schisandra chinensis
Common Name: Magnolia Vine or Wu Wei Zi (Five Flavor Fruit)
Family: Schisandraceae
Vining technique: twining

Native range: Northern China, Russian Far East, Korea, Japan, Manchuria
Sun/Shade: sun-part shade
Height: to 30'
Zones: 4-8
Monoecious, it's complicated
Flower: white, April-May, <1"
Fruit: crimson berry, ripens in September
Pruning: flowers in spring on old wood

Food Use:  leaves and young stems used as a vegetable; berries made into wine, juice, teas for flavor and health benefits; Five-flavor berry: salty, sweet, sour, spicey, bitter
Medicinal Uses: one of the 50 fundamental plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine; use goes back to ancient times in many parts of East Asia, high in vitamins C and E and minerals and lignans, many medicinal uses, much studied.

Notes: "Russian pharmacological studies on animals (Panossian and Wickham, 2008) have shown that the unique phytoadaptive compounds of Magnolia Vine increase physical working capacity and afford a stress- protective effect against a broad spectrum of harmful factors."

Where to find Schisandra chinensis:Schisandra chinensis location map

Schisandra chinensis Magnolia Vine flower
Fruit Developement:

Schisandra chinensis Chinese Magnolia Vine fruit

Schisandra chinensis Chinese Magnolia Vine

Schisandra chinensis Chinese Magnolia Vine

Schisandra chinensis Chinese Magnolia Vine

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