Actinidia kolomikta

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Latin Name: Actinidia kolomikta
Common Name: Hardy Kiwi
Family: Actinidiaceae
Cultivar: 'Arctic Beauty'
Vining technique: twining

Species introduced 1878 by Charles Maries who collected it from Sapporo, on the north Japanese Island of Hokkaido. He gave it to Veitch Nurseries who introduced it.

Native range: Russian Far East, Korea, Japan, China
Sun/Shade: sun to part shade
Height: 12' - 15'
Flower: fragrant, white in June
Leaves: pink/white/green, 5", heart-shaped
Fruit: None, the cultivar is a male clone
(species: greenish-yellow, berry, ¾-1" × ½", Sept-Oct,
native use: fruit, eaten raw or cooked)

Notes: hardy to -30°, species is recipient of Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit

Where to find Actinidia kolomikta 'Arctic Beauty':
Actinidia kolomikta location map
Actinidia kolomikta	'Arctic Beauty'	Kiwi
Leaf at Maxwell Arboretum Vine Arbor

Actinidia kolomikta	'Arctic Beauty'	Kiwi

Actinidia kolomikta Kew imageKew Gardens (Photo: Martyn Rix)

Actinidia kolomikta  Hand-coloured lithograph of Actinida kolomikta by Lilian Snelling (1925) Curtis's Botanical Magazine
Hand-colored lithograph of Actinidia kolomikta by Lilian Snelling (1925), Curtis's Botanical Magazine


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