Akebia x pentaphylla

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Latin Name: Akebia × pentaphylla
Common Name: Five-leaf Akebia, Chocolate Vine
Family: Lardizabalaceae
Vining technique: twining

Introduced: pre-1890

Native range: Japan
Sun/Shade: sun to part shade
Height: to 30''
Flower: dark burgundy, male flower is smaller, cup-shaped, blooms in racemes in April-May.
Leaves: trifoliate
Fruit: sausage-shaped

Notes: Akebia × pentaphylla is a naturally occurring hybrid of Akebia quinata and Akebia × trifoliata (Five-leaf Akebia and Three-leaf Akebia).

Where to find Akebia × pentaphylla:
Akebia × pentaphylla location map

Akebia x pentaphylla fruit
Akebia × pentaphylla flower

Akebia x pentaphylla inflorescence